Ten Ten  Hospitals That Offer Top Notch Maternity Care in Kenya

The list below was reached at after a survey was done online where mothers voted for the hospitals they had the best treatment during their maternal journey, the ranking is based on the number of times a facility was mentioned as great, good or best given the services they rendered.

  1. Nairobi Hospital
  2. MP Shah Hospital
  3. Mater Misericordiae Hospital
  4. Coptic Hospital
  5. Agha Khan Hospital
  6. RFH Specialist Hospital
  7. Kenyatta National Hospital Private Wing
  8. Nairobi Women’s Hospital
  9. Karen Hospital
  10. Guru Nanak Hospital

Nairobi hospital offers a package that requires one to book for delivery when their pregnancy is between week 30 to 34 which enables them to enjoy benefits such as normal delivery at a cost of 80,000 shillings and caesarian section at 160,000 shillings.

MP Shah Hospital offers a package that requires the expectant mother to book for delivery before they hit 32 weeks after which normal delivery costs them 98,000 shillings while selective caesarean section costs 220,000 shillings.

The Mater Misericordiae Hospital in South B Nairobi came in position three and charges around 80,000 shillings for the normal birth and 200,000 shillings for the caesarean section which include Tuesday clinics and free educational classes.

Coptic Hospital was largely praised for its cleanliness and friendly staff and charges between 60,000 shillings to 100,000 shillings depending on services rendered, Caesarian services cost between 150,000 shillings to 200,000 shillings.

Agha Khan Hospital was widely mentioned as the most expensive hospital and charges 150,000 shillings for normal delivery and 250,000 shillings for caesarean section.

Kenyatta Private Hospital offers normal delivery maternity care services at 60,000 shillings and the caesarean section services at 170,000 shillings. The Nairobi Women’s Hospital offers services for the normal delivery at 40,000 shillings and the caesarean section at 100,000 shillings to 120,000 shillings.

The RFH Specialist Hospital was widely praised for there ambiance and cleanliness. Mentioned at number six, the hospital got recommended for its premium service provision, quality care all from the staff to those administering medication and comfort of their wards. There costs of 30,000 for normal delivery appealed to quite a number of respondents with there CS going for 90,000.

Guru Nanak also appeared in top ten offering normal delivery services at 45,000 shillings, Emergency Caesarean Section at around 230,000 shillings while Karen hospital offering CS at 200,000 shillings.

Other hospitals mentioned severally during the set duration for the post included the Ladnan hospital in Pangani, Avenue in Parklands, Kijabe and Jacaranda hospitals.

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