Top 10 Best Cheap Cars To buy In Kenya

4. Mazda Demio

Ranking top 4 in best cheap cars in Kenya to buy is Mazda Demio. Mazda Demio, is a supermini produced and marketed globally since 1996 by Mazda, currently in its 4th generations. The Mazda Demio is selled prominently in recent years as Mazda 2, and under previous nameplates including Ford Festiva Mina Wagon, Mazda Metro and Mazda 121.

Best cars to buy in Kenya: Mazda Demio

The 3rd generation Mazda Demio won the 2008 World Car of the Year title, where as the 4th generation earned “the 2014-2015 Japanese Car of the year”. One of the features that make Mazda Demio separated from others is its weight (under 1000 kgs). Also, this car owns a small engine. Therefore, Mazda Demio consumes low fuel consumption and becomes a cost-effective car to maintain. The interior of this car is pretty spacious and high quality. The car can carries 5 people and drive can fold flat the rear seats to extend the boot capacity. Demio engine ranges from 1.0L to 1.5L; fuel consumption of 14 Kmpl.


5. Toyota Auris

Toyota Auris is a compact hatchback comes in three or five doors and a 1.3L to 1.8L engine. Most of people think that Toyota Auris is the replacement to the Toyota Allex, but actually, the Allex’s replacement is the Toyota Blade (an upscale sister of the Auris). Toyota Auris is a relatively new name in the car industry. It is a car that you will look forward to driving. Auris is designed with its bold, dynamic styling spacious and intuitive interior caters for what you need.

Check out the video about Toyota Auris below:

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