Top 10 Best Cheap Cars To buy In Kenya

6. Honda Civic

Owing the 6th position of Top 10 best cheap cars in Kenya is Honda Civic. Honda Civic is a subcompact manufactured by Honda Company – a famous Car manufacturer in Japan. Originally like a subcompact, Honda Civic has gone through many generational changes; the Civic is becoming both larger and more upmarket and going into the compact car part. The Honda Civic owns a 1.5L 4-cylinder engine and 17 kW electric motor. This makes the Civic consume a efficient fuel consumption (about 18 km per litre). Honda Civic has designed with an idle stop which automatically shuts off the car engine in traffic to save fuel, then when the driver lifts their foot off the brake, the engine will starts immediately. Another advantageous point of Honda Civic is that the cabin is spacious and convenient for a weekend trip or a night out.

Honda Civic 2018 – Everything you wanted to know:

7. Volkswagen Golf

One of best cars to buy in Kenya is Volkswagen Golf. The Volkswagen Golf is a small family car manufactured by the German manufacturer Volkswagen since 1974. This car has marketed worldwide with 7 generations with many major improvements. The car uses either diesel or petrol, the engine run by diesel is 1.6L and petrol one is 1.2L, this may have some small changes depending on the model of each year. According car experts, the Volkswagen Golf is not only a fuel efficient car but also a highly and spacious car. It has a consumption of up to 15 km per litre. If you are looking at cheap cars in Kenya with good engine and fuel efficiency, the Volkswagen Golf is a good option for you.

Check out the video below to see Volkswagen Golf in-depth review:

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