Top 10 marketable D-, D and D+ courses in Kenya 2020

Top 10 marketable courses in Kenya 2020 if you attain D Grade

For most people, getting a D in KCSE is considered to be the end of their career dreams. To others, it is even the end of the world. However, that should not be the case because there exist equally good courses for D students to take. Even so, you need to be so careful when choosing the courses because a single mistake could discredit your chance to dream bigger. Below is a list of top 10 marketable D-, D and D+ courses in Kenya 2020;

Top 10 marketable D-, D and D+ courses in Kenya 2020

1.Certificate in Sales and Marketing;

Marketing is one very marketable career especially in this time and age. Most businesses need people who are capable of pushing both information and products to the target audience.
Certificate in Community Development and Social work;

The course takes one year and at the end of it, the student knows of ways to be helpful and impactful to the society.

2.Certificate in Human Resource Management;

With this, one ends up getting skills that enable them to properly and professionally manage the employees in a firm.

3.Certificate in Information Technology;

In the current era, technology runs pretty much everything. Some knowledge on it places you at a better chance. With this, you may end up opening your own computer school.
Certificate in Business Management;

This course takes one year to complete studying. With it, one can be hired to manage one’s business or firm.

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